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Bali TEFL Extension

If you've already have a TEFL certification, like Ninja Teacher's own TEFL online course or another course that meets certain quality standards, you can do the 2 week orientation, practical teaching experience and job placement assistance. This allows you the benefits of getting the practical experience, 6 to 8 hours of teacher practicums at local schools, community, support and assistance with securing a job of an in-person TEFL course without needing to redo a TEFL.

Teaching English in Indonesia

If you're looking to stay long term and work in Indonesia there are good opportunities for teaching English if you have a bachelor's degree in any subject and a TEFL certification.

You can then get a work permit and KITAs which allows you to work and stay long term in the country.

Salaries range but can be between $900 - $1500 and you can live comfortably with the low cost of living.

Please note, while the training takes place in Bali, the majority of jobs are not on Bali island but in and around Jakarta and Java island.

2022 Program Dates

March 2022 - 2nd to 17th Mar

July 2022 - 13th to 28th July

Aug 2022 - 17th Aug to 1st Sep

Sept 2022 - 13th to 29th Sept

Oct 2022 - 19th Oct to 3rd Nov

Nov 2022 - 23rd Nov to 8th Dec

Program Fee

Deposit reserves your spot: $200

Final Payment: $525

Total: $725

Salary Guide Download - Our Salary, Living Expenses & Start-up Costs Guide: