Cambodia TEFL Program

4 week in-person 140 hour TEFL course in Siem Riep, Cambodia, in-country orientation and placement in a paid teaching job.

UPDATE: Quarantine on arrival is no longer required for vaccinated travelers!

Get TEFL Certified And Start Teaching English In Cambodia

Cambodia is open for arrival and this program is running right now!

Complete your full TEFL training in-person by enrolling on our 140-hour course in Siem Reap, Cambodia!

You will earn a 140-hour internationally-accredited and recognized TEFL certificate including placement assistance in Cambodia.

Teaching in Cambodia

Average monthly salary: $800 - $1200

Average monthly living costs: $500 - $800

Hiring process: in-country interviews

Degree required: No

Course Dates

2022 Dates:

Jan / Feb 2022 - 10th Jan to 3rd Feb

Feb / March 2022 - 7th Feb to 3rd Mar

March 2022 - 7th to 31st Mar

Apr / May 2022 - 18th Apr to 12th May

May / June 2022 - 16th May to 9th June

June / July 2022 - 13th June to 7th July

Aug 2022 - 25th July to 18th August

Sept 2022 - 22nd Aug to 15th Sept

Oct 2022 - 19th Sep to 13th Oct

Nov 2022 - 31st Oct to 24th Nov

Dec 2022 - 28th Nov to 22nd Dec

Program Fee

Deposit to reserve your spot: $500

Final payment due : $1045

Total: $1545

Other Costs

Accommodation for a month during training:

Budget: +-$150

Mid-range: +-$300

Luxury: +-$500

Flight: varies based on location.

Visa: At embassy, +-$55

COVID tests to travel: +-$50

20 day compulsory insurance: $90

Quarantine has been removed for vaccinated travelers!

Salary Guide Download - Our Salary, Living Expenses & Start-up Costs Guide: