Get TEFL Certified And Start Teaching English In Cambodia

Cambodia is open for arrival and this program is running right now!

Complete your full TEFL training in-person by enrolling on our 140-hour course in Siem Reap, Cambodia!

You will earn a 140-hour internationally-accredited and recognized TEFL certificate including placement assistance in Cambodia.

Included in the package:

Cultural tour,

4 weeks shared hotel accommodation,

Free breakfast,

Welcome dinner and

Full job placement assistance.

Course Dates

 19 April - 12 May, 2021*

   17 May - 9 June, 2021

   14 June - 7 July, 2021

   26 July - 18 August, 2021

   23 August - 15 September, 2021

   20 September - 13 October, 2021

   1 November - 24 November, 2021

   29 November - 22 December, 2021

Program Fee

Normally: $2070

COVID Discount: Receive a $500 subsidy if you book for the 4 week onsite course in 2021 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is to accommodate for the 14 day compulsory quarantine in Phnom Penh.​

Ninja Teacher discount: Sign up through Ninja Teacher (as opposed to directly with our Cambodia Partner): - $100

Total program fee: $1470

Please note, there is a 14 quarantine which costs around $1275, along with some other (smaller) start-up costs and additional visa steps to consider. Get in touch for full details and steps required.