Thailand TEFL Course

4 week in-person 140 hour TEFL course in Bangkok, Thailand with orientation and placement in a paid teaching English job.

Teaching English in Thailand

Experience Tropical Beaches, Friendly Locals, Amazing Nightlife and Delicious Thai Food.

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, teaching English in Thailand offers salaries of $1100 to $1600 month for first time teachers with low living costs.

Bangkok TEFL Course

Come to Bangkok to take your 4 week TEFL training course. This will teach you everything you need to know and get you the practical training needed to be an effective English teacher.

You'll get to make friends, get support throughout your process of moving to Thailand, settle in to Bangkok during your training and then receive assistance with securing a teaching job in Thailand.

Current Entry Fees & Quarantine

UPDATE: Exciting Thailand Entry Update - Quarantine On Arrival Removed For Vaccinated Travelers From 10 Countries!

Vaccinated travelers coming from USA, UK, China, Germany, and Singapore (and 5 other countries which have not yet been announced at the time of this post) are now no longer required to quarantine upon arrival in Thailand. A negative COVID test is required before the flight and upon arrival, and once results come back from that test, the individual is free to move around the country.

This is huge news, and it seems that Thailand is intent on expanding upon this list of countries over time to make entry more accessible.

Thus, as of now, teachers coming from the above-listed countries do not have to worry about quarantine costs upon arrival, and any coming from other locations only need to quarantine for 7 days (and may be eligible for the Phuket Sandbox 'quarantine' in which you can move freely about the island during your quarantine time).

For those not from one of the 10 countries:

Currently Thailand has 2 arrival and quarantine options available. The Phuket Sandbox model allows for you to do your "quarantine" on Phuket island where you can freely go about the island and aren't confined to your hotel. The second option is to fly directly to Bangkok and do your quarantine in a hotel. The current quarantine period is 7 days.

Quarantine option 1: Phuket Sandbox

There are many approved hotels to choose from with prices as low as $100 - $200 for all 7 days.

Meals, treatments, and tests not included.

Here is an estimate of the approximate costs for this process:

COVID Insurance - $240

SHA+ Hotel - $185

COVID Tests (in Phuket) - $162

Visa Fee - $40 (inc. shipping)

COVID Test (before flight) - $50

Total Costs - $677

Quarantine option 2: Bangkok

Approved hotels are approximately $500-$600 for the 7 days.

Includes 3 meals per day, all treatments, and tests.

Here is an estimate of the approximate costs for this process associated:

COVID Insurance - $240

ASQ Hotel - $475 (cheapest)

Visa Fee - $40 (inc. shipping)

COVID Test (before flight) - $50

Total Costs - $805

Program Fee

Launch Special

$300 discount, valid until 31 October.


Program fee $1,545.00

Discount $300.00

Course deposit = $400.00

Final Course fees = $845.00

TOTAL $1,245.00