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Welcome to the Ninja Teacher Academy 120 Hour Online TEFL Course!

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As you watch the video introducing your trainer below, answer these questions:

  1. What did Claire study at grad school?
  2. Where did Claire first teach? What problems did she encounter?
  3. What is STEAM?
  4. What does Claire mention is a benefit of online teaching?
  5. What is IELTS?

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This Module will take approximately 35 minutes

Video Recorded Training From:

Claire Lee

MA Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education

TEFL Certification​ in Teaching

TESOL & Cambridge Training of Trainers Course for EL Program Coordinators

Professional teaching license in the state of California, USA

Claire is a qualified teacher in the US and has over 7 years of teaching, curriculum development, and teacher training experience.

Trainer Support From Our Team

Throughout the course you'll receive feedback on your assignment submissions from one of our trainers and be able to ask him or her questions throughout the course.

Look out for an email from us with your trainers contact info!

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